Secrets of a Happily Married Life

Secrets of a Happily Married Life

Saying “QABOOL HAI” on the day of your wedding is one thing but putting those promises and values into practice every day is something else. As with most situations in life, there are many things you may do every day to keep your marriage healthy.

Here are our top 5 secrets:

Be a team:

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There is no ‘me’ in a marriage, and there is only ‘us’. This means that you both are a team in front of the parents, in-laws, kids, friends and the rest of the world.

Surprise each other:

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Keep the flame of love alive by surprising your partner now and then in a nice way. It’s the little things that count a lot. It could be a book, a new shirt, flowers, breakfast in bed or even a bar of chocolate to share.

Keep the gadgets away:

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Minimise the use of smart devices when you both are together. You probably don’t realise it, but the chances are that you have a better relationship concerning communication with your pals on social media than with your spouse at home. Keep the phone, laptop and tab away once you’re back from work.

Spend quality time:

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Make time for each other every day. You don’t need to spend one hour talking as a fixed rule but even giving your spouse just 10 minutes of your time every day uninterruptedly, can cement your bond together. When you give your spouse undivided attention, it shows you respect and loves each other.

Laugh a lot:

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Humour is essential in a marriage because there will be plenty of instances where one of you does something to crack the other one up. After all, it would be best if you were having fun in your marriage. You don’t have to be serious all the time.

Bonus – Love:

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Don’t forget to embrace each other with a touch of passion. Romance is the root of marriage, don’t let that passion fade away!


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