Six Trendy Ideas For A Mehendi

Six Trendy Ideas For A Mehendi

One of the best parts about a mehendi is getting creative with the theme and making it truly unique and memorable. There are so many delightful things you can try out, from unusual party favours to funky props and so much more. Why not choose an activity that you and your guests would truly enjoy? After all, the party is supposed to be a celebration of your shadi, so you should make it as fun as possible. We have here some entertaining and creative ideas for how to make your mehendi a night to remember. From gorgeous decor to entertaining activities, these six trendy ideas for a mehendi are sure to spark your creativity and help you host a radiant and festive event.

DIY décor

You can add a personal touch to your mehendi by putting together intriguing details and creating some cute DIY décor with your friends and family. DIY décor not only injects some personality into the event but also makes everything even more special. Some ideas to try are multi-coloured paper streamers, hand-held pinwheels, uniquely shaped kites and other easy-to-make props that won’t take up a lot of time to prep but make your mehendi décor stand out. Doing things yourself will not only save you a lot on your mehendi spending but also make everyone feel more involved in the ceremony.

Photo wall

And if you do end up making some of these things, you can put them to excellent use in creating a photo wall for guests to use while they take pictures. In fact, if you have some older pieces of memorabilia or antiques, even better! You can put them together with the décor as props for a homemade photo wall to let your guests take fun pictures to remember the night! And if you can arrange for Polaroid cameras, the guests will be able to take instant prints of those priceless moments.

Interesting seating

Mehendis are about celebrating, so why not give your visitors the space to mingle while sitting comfortably? Try skipping on the typical seating arrangement and go for some floor seating with lots of fluffy pillows to lounge on. If your event is outside, you can put up some colourful umbrellas with simple designs that complement the theme to add a splash of colour to the event.

Gifts for guests

Another great idea to make things memorable for the guests is to give them some keepsakes to take home with them. Something small and simple but practical such as mehndi-inspired lanterns or henna-patterned candleholders will work really well.

Games and activities

If you’re not planning a big blowout event but are opting for something a little more intimate, why not play some fun games to keep your visitors entertained? There are so many activities to choose from that can easily liven up the event. For example, there is rope tug-of-war for the physically oriented and antakshri for the more musically inclined. And for those just looking to chill, adding some activities like carrom board, tombola and jenga will keep them involved, too.

Food options

If you are going for an outdoor mehendi, especially for daytime events, why not get creative with the food options? You could put in some food stations to let the guests try gourmet popcorn or enjoy live cooking with teppanyaki counters and customisable dessert stands.
From DIY décor to a vibrant photo wall and creative seating to exciting games and activities, these are just six trendy ideas for a mehendi that you can try to give your shadi event a touch of your personality and make it a more memorable experience for you and your guests.

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