Fall is here, and winter is just ahead. If you are a winter bride, you need to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The winter months in Karachi are extremely dry. So even if people  say ‘Karachi mei tou sardi hi nahi hoti’, you need to change up your beauty routine nonetheless. Even though the sun might be blazing outside and you are sweating profusely by the afternoon, since the air has no humidity, your skin will looking dull and dehydrated. Shadi Tayari has some tips for these winter brides to keep their skin healthy.



Petroleum Jelly should be your best friend for the few months leading up to your wedding. It will keep your lips and dry patches on your face soft and moisturised. Vaseline also helps with growing eyebrows and eyelashes!



Enough has been said about this. Whether it is winter or summer, moisturising your skin is important. But just as you enter winter, you need to switch to heavier and thicker creams, not winter creams. Nivea is a great option. Rich creams are great overnight rejuvenators.

Facial Oils


Using facial oils is one of the best things you can do for your skin. We have done an entire article about it on Shadi Tayari; you can check it out here.

Juice up


Juices can do wonders for your body. From increasing stamina to energising, they are miracle workers. Juices also greatly help to keep your skin fresh and healthy. They cleanse your system, thus reviving your skin cells. Green juices and lemon tea and water are great for the winter time!



Aloe Vera is great for dry skin

Face masks are vital for good beauty routines. They help to clean dead skin, deep clean your pores, counter oil problems, moisturise the skin and keep your complexion healthy and bright. Whether it is a homemade tootka or a reliable brand mask, you should at least do them twice a week depending on the ingredients.

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