Stage Decor For Your Wedding

When you imagine a Pakistani shadi, images of chandeliers, candles, fairy lights, diyas, awesome food, dancing people, colours, romantic music and lots and lots of expenditure will instantly flood your mind! However, the place where people pay the most attention in the whole shadi is the stage where the new couple stands and meets their guests! In […]


Every desi wedding has a mehndi event, which is what everybody waits for as we all get to sing and dance and have fun together. We, at Shadi Tayari which is the online wedding suppliers directory, have picked this amazing dance video for you guys to get inspiration from. So get ready for the upcoming […]


Tambourines (dafli) are pretty musical instruments that were previously famous in the old days, where women and young girls used to create musical sounds with them on weddings and other festivities. Dafli went quite out of trend as it was considered an old tradition. Since old is always gold, we have created a new version […]