Arabic Mehndi Arabic Mehndi features big, flowery designs. it is more focused on elaborate outlines, with grid fillings. The flower petals are spacey and big, hence the complete look of the design is open, trendy and chic. Indian Mehndi Indian Mehndi consists of intricate and complex designs. Large portions of the designs contain peacock-ish or kaju patterns […]


Dont get me wrong, traditional mehndi is beautiful. In fact it is the best. But sometimes change is better too. If you feel like changing your mehndi game for your khandaan ki shaadi, or if you are our rebel bride, we have some ideas and inspirations for you. Can you see how beautiful white henna looks […]


If you didn’t know already, Muhammad Amir is getting married! How many hearts did I break? Yesterday, he had his mehndi at a farm on Badin Road, Lahore. The place was decorated – every inch, suitable indeed for our prince. There was an epic dance ceremony for the Bride and the Groom to enjoy. Several […]