Ultimate Guide to Prepare You for a Desi Wedding

Desi wedding, nothing can be more colourful, flamboyant and fun than this. These weddings are known for their elaborate and extravagant celebrations and are traditionally cultured multi-day events. This is mainly because desi weddings involve many and many rituals and ceremonies that are diffused across a number of days, such as the ubtan on the […]

What to Expect From Your Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding could be a really hectic and a time consuming task. Couples nowadays want their weddings to be planned perfectly. They decide themes with which compliments their dresses, venues, decorations and every single bit of their celebration needs. They make sure to match the ambience with all the other detailing accordingly. Everybody is […]

Skincare Products Under Low Price That Really Works

Every girl wants a youthful, fresh, plump and healthier looking skin. Some may prefer herbal methods, aka”desi totkay” while others buy the trendy skin care products. Us girls, definitely need effective products to avoid zits, pimples, acne, pigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles, uneven patches, chapped lips, dull skin and what not. All of these things mentioned […]