Salons and Spas of Sargodha

Тhe most comfortable and soothing place for ladies аѕ wеll аѕ men now, where they fееl rеlахеd іѕ а salon or a spa. Usually, after each half a month, women go for а pedicure, manicure, haіrstyle, fасіаl, skіn treatments and so on tо fееl rеlахеd and gеt some pleasant vibes. There’s no denying our Pakistani […]

Breaking Stereotypes or an Immense Love? “Mooroo’s inspirational words”

  Taimoor Salahuddin, also known as “Mooroo” had the sweetest wedding ever in the history of the entertainment industry. He got married to his beautiful wife “Eruj Hadi”, and the couple looked adorable as they celebrated their love with some close friends and family members. After being discussed extensively on social media, Mooroo finally speaks […]

A Pakistani Dulhan Challenging Society’s Backward Norms!

Meet Tehreem Pasha Jaffar – A Pakistani Dulhan Challenged Society’s Beauty Standards Perfectly At Her Wedding! Tehreem is a Dubai-based Pakistani artist whose amazing calligraphy and Islamic art can make anyone stand and stare in awe. Tehreem recently got married, and she looked absolutely gorgeous at her Baraat and Valima both. Tehreem happens to be […]

Why marriage is actually good for you!

A marital proposal from you or your partner that may comply on each other’s parameters may result in a perfectly matched wedding. Marital services, matchmaking services providers, matchmaking agency, matrimonial sites, your relatives and particularly “Rishta Aunties” help you to find your ultimate soulmate. Through quality matchmaking, you find out a partner that can be […]