Every bride spends a lot of money on her new bridal wardrobe but it can also easily be ruined if she doesn’t know how to carefully pack her garments or is aware of the right way to take care of them. Following the tips below will help you pack, store, carry and move your bridal trousseau the right way!

The appropriate way to pack and store your bridal wardrobe

  • Wrap your bridal outfits this way

Every bride spends a generous quantity of money into her bridal wardrobe. That’s why it’s also important that you have wrapped each clothing item securely. Nanis and dadis used to advise the new bride to individually wrap each outfit in an organza or a muslin fabric. Especially outfits like your gharara or lehenga have gold or silver work on them, so wrapping them in organza will protect their embroidery from going black or gathering dust over it.

  • The eclectic bridal trunk

Trunks were en vogue during the times of our grandmothers and our mothers because of their storage space. But then they were replaced by compact modern suitcases and similar kinds of luggage. But trunks are back in fashion! Buy a wooden trunk or a steel one that will be able to store your belongings for your new life. Besides you can even go creative with your trunk! Months before your wedding, hand paint it yourself or ask a friend to do it as a favour for you! This is a brilliant way to display your creative side to your new family. Instead of taking your new wardrobe in a plain black suitcase, pack your stuff in a colourful hand painted trunk.

  • Security within ziploc bags

Every bride should purchase Ziploc bags for their wardrobe. This way the new outfits can easily be hung in the cupboard. If you don’t purchase Ziploc bags for your new shalwar kameez, then your brand new outfits will gather dust and dew on them or their embroidery work will be ruined if they rub against each other. It is advised by most wedding planners that Ziploc bags that are attached with a hangar should be purchased as the non-hangar ones can squash the outfits and they will easily be creased this way.

  • The right way to store jewellery

Gold jewellery is among the most common gifts of Pakistani shaadis. That’s why it is also important to store it carefully and safely. There are two ways of storing gold jewellery. One, you can separately wrap each set in a soft cloth and then keep that package in a plastic bag. Two, you can keep the gold jewellery set in the velvet jewellery box that it came in. Diamond and Kundan Jewellery are also becoming increasingly popular. For diamond jewellery, it is better to keep them in their boxes. This way they won’t rub with each other and get scratches if they are mixed up together. Then on the other hand, Kundan jewellery should also be safely stored because it has the tendency to go black if it comes in contact with moisture.


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