History is coming back in the form of beautiful wedding dresses for the bride and the groom are too stunning that one can’t resist having a look at them. With deep shades and heavily embellished patterns, these beautiful dresses create a whole new story to enhance the historic royal beauty. Our designers have created amazing masterpieces by keeping in mind the story of the old era.

Brides and grooms who want to revive the historic royal looks can get inspired by these stunning pieces and can give a historic twist to their look on their big day.

The talented designers of Pakistan have used a wide range of deep tones and flowy yet heavily embellished fabrics to create the perfect look. To add more effect to the garments, they used precious stones and other jewels to enhance the look.

Farah Talib Aziz

A well-known designer of Pakistan for her beautiful designs and luxurious garments presents her collection of the royal looks.
This collection has a variety of bright and pastel colours to bring out the enchanted effect to her collection of Rajasthani royal looks for the modern bride. These garments are embellished beautifully to fill the flowy cloth with luxury and elegance. The outdoor scenery provides the perfect background to these stunning look by the designer.

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The designer is famous for his luxurious garments and his elegant designs. Fahad has created amazing looks from the royal history.

This historic collection by Fahad Hussayn brings back the history in the modern world of today with heavily embellished flared skirts for the royal brides and sherwanis for the royal grooms. The deep earthy tones give these garments a look of the Mughal era with a fragment of the modern style. The models have done justice to the looks to provide you with the exact image of the past and the background is perfectly historic.






The king of couture in Pakistan is famous for his stunning couture garments which take the ramp to the next level. Here are some looks for his royal brides.

HSY uses deep tones and luxurious embellishments to enhance the look of the garments. He uses precious stones and gems to create a mesmerising look to the skirts of the bride while adding luxury to the styles. The jewellry is beautifully adorned by the models to add more beauty to the stunning pieces.

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