Things You Must Do Before Getting Married

Things You Must Do Before Getting Married

Wedding is no doubts a beautiful phase of ones life to go through. Almost everyone on this Earth dreams about getting married and have a mature, settled and a “happily ever after” life ahead. Where we have some pros to getting wedlock, we also have cons (which are definitely greater in number than pros). The main flaw of a married life is that, usually the person is bounded to responsibilities. If you are married, that’s an absolute good thing, but you barely get any time to enjoy your own life. You get stuck with your kids, your job and other errands. and chores.

If you are not married yet but planning to get married soon, then this blog is for you. There are some things that every person needs to fulfill for their selves. You can not just get married and keep regretting after. Stepping in the western world, it is not considered unethical (mostly) if a girl or a guy are meeting their friends and are hanging out with them after marriage. They are raised like that so they don’t mind such acts. If we take a leap back to our society, we are still living in that “Dakya Noosi” and “Haw Haye” soch. In most of the khandaans here getting married means getting caged. Shadi is considered as a phanda which is not how we should portray marriage.

Anyways, ab is society main hain tou rehna tou parega. We can’t fix all the narrow minds right now but what we can come up with solutions. The solution we have for you is enjoy your life before shadi. Jot down your ideas and plans that you need to do and get started before it’s too late. Here we have some important things that one should experience once in their lifetime before marriage;

Follow Your Passion

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Everyone is born with a question k life main agay kia karna hai? Passion is something you create within your with all of your heart and soul. At least try to achieve your goal to keep yourself away from regrets and dark thoughts. Everybody have some passion and hobby that they want to pursue, you you try your best to make your score.

Be Self-Sufficient

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Men or a women, doesn’t matter. You should be independent in some way. Being independent gives you confidence and courage to face every situation like a pro. It might sound cliche but it is a truth. You need to be self-sufficcient. You should know what your worth is.

Finish Your Studies

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Please girls, do not leave your studies in the middle. Education is extremely important either it’s for a guy or a girl. Studying enables us to develop better understanding of the world in which we live. Also, you can rectify your issues in a better way in your life ahead.

Try To Stay Fit And Healthy

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You have to stay fit and healthy through out the life, not only before shadi. I have mentioned this because wedding is a long run marathon which can only be successful if your mind and body, both are healthy enough to start a new life. You need to grasp this thing for your entire life.

Learn To Cook

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In our society, one of the most essential thing is food. Bizarre? Who care? It’s necessary. Everyone should at least know the basic to cook and prepare something decent enough to eat. I am not talking about maggie or knorr noodles, by food I mean proper meal.

Spend Quality Time With Family

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This is primarily for the girl. Parayi betiyan, you know. Anyways, you should try spending most of your time with your parents and siblings rather than you honay wala shohar because your parents are definitely sad as you would not be in front of their eyes 24/7 anymore.

Travel With Friends Or Something Similar

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Who doesn’t love to travel and when it is with friends… Oye Hoye! Go tracking, do camping, travel and have a lot of fun with your friend because after wedding you’ll really be bound to your responsibilities.

Learn to Control Your Mood Swings

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Mood swings are our favourite (at least mine). You are chit chatting and laughing with your friends and suddenly an annoying aunty gets involved. Your mind mind goes like “Switch” and you are a total different person now. You can not do this after shadi, I mean not much. you have to control your mood from switching at many events.

Read The Nikkah-Nama Thoroughly

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Yes people, reading the nikkah nama and knowing what are the rights of each person is extremely important to lead a “happily ever after” married life in future.

Stop Stalking Your Ex-es

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For God’s Sake. I know a lot of girls who just can’t get over their past experiences and they line with the paranoid mind sets. Life goes on guys. Relax and move on.

So these are some points, which all of you must already know but if you were not fully aware, Shadi Tayari is always there to help you out.


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