Things you’ll hear in “Shadi ka ghar”

Things you’ll hear in “Shadi ka ghar”

In a Pakistani society it is obvious that when a girl is about to get married she gets to hear different comments from her family members, aunties and some so called friends. They have countless, useless pieces of advices, to which they think are necessary to be given to the bride.

Kitney Jorey Ley Kar Ja Rahi Ho

We all have observed that at some point, the old granny or aunties do pass comments, like ” you should add some heavy outfits” or “why are you carrying such heavy oufits” Seriously??? Eeehhh!!!! They look so simple! (kyun humari naak cut wana chati hu, kya kahen gae susral walay ke char achay joray bhi na bhejay sath). The reason is that we hardly wear 3 to 5 out of those dozen of dresses.

Zyada Sar Na Charhana Saas Aur Nandon Ko

“Zyada sar na charhana saas nandon ko” the most common phrase of all the time. Every other girl gets this heavenly piece of advice from their typical aunties, respectively.

Shohar Ko Kabu Main Rakhna Zara

Another great piece of advice by the aunties (khandan ki bari burdhi), always try to keep your husband in your control. Keep eyes on him or else he might get involve in someone else, nahi tou wo tumhe time nai de ga, tum sey dehan hat jae ga. Blah blah blah… Nonsense!

Tayar Hokar Rehna Ghar Main

A very important advice by the closed family members, beta Shohar ky Office sy aney sy pehlay khoob tayar ho kar us ka intezar karna. Kyun bhye? Dusri Shadi hai uski?
You are married now so stop experimenting on the make tips and keep yourself stick to those things that you can feel comfortable in. And, please don’t buy the makeup stuff that you can’t handle.

Weight Na Barha Lena

This one is most common to be heard every other member of the family precisely the aunties and the grandmas and the mommy. Despite, the fact that the girl herself is also conscious about her weight plus these advices make her so confuse that she starts to diet even if she don’t need it.


Jahaiz Main Kia Kia Jaega

The question everyone should be ashamed of, Jahaiz (konsi gari de rahy han tmhary abbu tumhe)… oh my god! Who are these people? Matalb puri ki puri beti de tou rhen hain, or kia chahiye bhye?! Despite the fact, that things that already parents put together for the girls dowry is now become useless. These pathetic cultures are gradually getting outdated.

Relateable, right? There are a lot more that you’ll get to here but we were just discussing the most common ones. These are a part of shadi ka ghar. Some people love to throw taunts and sarcasms while the rest just enjoy the festive and make moments out of each and every event. That’s how every single person in a desi wedding should be. In my opinion, poking your nose (negatively) in somebody’s business won’t give you any pleasure or happiness. Just let the things go with the flow and enjoy your life as much as you can. Let us know in the comments below, what’s the most awful taunt that you’ve ever heard in a shadi wala ghar.



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