In Pakistan, the colours of yellow and green are typically associated with Mehndi and Sangeet but with time, people are getting creative, especially their Mehndi. Without an official poll, it has been discovered that Mehndi is the most looked forward function to in the whole shaadi season! That’s why you need to prepare it with as much deliberation as you do for your wedding! Below is a list of some awesome themes for your Mehndi party that will completely rock your party:

1- The Twilight/Taj Mahal Theme

Oh, yes! For all those readers who are rolling their eyes at the idea of hosting a Mehndi party that has a Twilight theme, the name may sound cheesy but that’s till where the cheesiness goes! You won’t see lame cut-outs of brooding Edward with Bella hanging around the venue. In fact, the theme of Twilight/Taj Mahal mostly involves a colour scheme of stark whites contrasted with shades of ivory silver and gold. The entrance can be decorated with hanging lamps. The dress of the bride can be gold while the groom can wear white along with an old-fashioned turban. The food can also be according to the colour theme. You can have Pulao to signify white and some creamy coconut flavoured curry to denote the golds. Decorate the thaals with white motia flowers or white roses and gold sprayed diyas. For the music, since white, gold and silver are considered as “classic” colours, you can go for classic Pakistani and Bollywood music in the playlist.

2- The Truck Art Theme

The truck art theme is a vibrant theme which uses bright funky colours that are an important part of the Pakistani culture. For the truck art theme, you can print scenes from Pakistani and Bollywood and give them cheesy dialogues in large speech bubbles and use these to decorate at various spaces in the venue. The colour theme could be of bright colours like hot pinks, turquoise hues of blues with vibrant yellows and tangerine oranges. For the dress, instead of wearing the typical pale yellow outfits, the groom can wear bright highlighter yellow coloured outfits while the bride can wear an outfit in hot pink and orange colours. For the menu, you have dishes which are spicy and colourful like Biryani, barbequed items for the main course while Mango Ice Cream with Jelly or Custard for the dessert. For the playlist, the songs can be taken from Pakistani and Bollywood movies which will make the mood of the function go fun and exuberant for everybody at the Mehndi party!

3- The Romantic Red Roses Theme

Red roses are everybody’s favourite. They make the environment blossom and give the atmosphere a romantic touch. So instead of going for the traditional pale hues of greens and yellows, keep the colour scheme in the contrastive colours of blood reds and baby pinks. Canopies and chandeliers in the colour scheme can be placed at various places and for the stage, you can place a wooden jhoola decorated with red and pink roses. For the dress, the bridegroom and the bride can wear outfits in red and pink. The menu for this theme can have dishes which have a balance of sweet and sour so you can opt for Pakistani Chinese cuisine. Keep the desserts light and sweet like a rose flavoured Kheer. The playlist for this theme can consists of soft romantic numbers from Pakistani and Bollywood movies.


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