A change has recently been noticed in Pakistani shadi trends; Pakistani weddings are getting more and more child-friendly!  Wedding planners are now taking children in account when it comes to planning the perfect shadi.  Children may get excited for the wedding party but they can quickly get restless and bored especially if they don’t find kids of their age to play with! Here are some creative ways to keep children entertained on the most special day of your life.

1- Set up a fun area

Setting up a fun area for the kids with a jumping castle and various swings is the perfect way to get them excited! You can also set up plastic doll houses and little kitchens for little girls as most love playing with their dolls while the boys can utilise all their energy on the swings or the jumping castle. While most parents would feel relieved that there is some kind of an arrangement for the little ones, make sure that whatever swings and slides you put in your venue, are safe. Hire maids and servants to watch over the little ones or ask the older kids to do this for you.

2- Hire an entertainer

Another way to keep children entertained at an event is by hiring an entertainer. Most children get scared of clowns so employing a magician would be a better idea. Children are fascinated by magic tricks and this will keep them busy and glued to their seats. Plus, this way parents can also freely mingle with the guests without the constant worry of their children’s whereabouts at the shadi.

3- Make goody bags

Don’t you just love the look on a child’s face when they get a gift out of the blue? Children adore surprises and to make your wedding a memorable event for the little ones, you can surprise them with goodie bags. You can make these goodie bags at home or buy ready-made ones from the market. Fill homemade goodie bags with stuff that kids normally like such as chocolate cookies, sweets, a set of colour pencils, pocket colouring books, stickers or even a puzzle set. You can give these goodie bags at the beginning of the wedding or at the end of it. Avoid eatables like chewing gums or glitter pens which may also spoil their brand new wedding outfit.

Use some of these tips to make your wedding yaadgaar for the kids!


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