Every couple dreams about their perfect wedding. From décor to lighting, food to clothes, everything needs to be done in the finest way. But at times, you need to adjust your plans according to your budget. Getting your wedding plan fit in a small budget does not mean you can’t have your dream wedding. It’s still possible!

If you are amongst those many couples, who are in their early twenties and do not have a lot to spend on their wedding preparations then put all your worries to rest. These easy tips will help you to plan your wedding in budget, without compromising on the luxuries that you always wished for.

· Plan Everything!

Grab a pen and a notebook and write. Start by keeping an approximate budget in mind that you can spend on your wedding. It should include everything, from food to décor, lighting to guest list, etc. after coming up with an estimate, you can allocate funds to different preparations Try to cut down any extra expenditure that can wait and distribute your money as per your priorities. In order to have clear idea, you should start planning at least a month or two before your big day. The earlier you plan, the more time you will have to get everything.


· The Tiny Details

It is often observed that couples usually spend or you can say waste lot of money on very tiny details that nobody actually notices. Obviously, you want everything to be impeccable, but spending extravagantly on really unimportant details like colours of the napkins or a small decoration on the stage, add up to your expenditure. All these things can be given a thought once you have completed other major details such as food, dresses, jewellery, etc. Try to avoid spending too much on such extras and keep your priorities straight.


· The Guest List

The guest list for weddings looks like a never ending trail of people who are invited from every corner of the country. But if you want to plan your wedding in budget, start sorting out your guest list first. Instead of putting everyone’s name in the list, invite only those you actually know. Keep the wedding ceremony small and intimate by inviting a certain number of guests. This can save you a lot of money, which can be used later.

· Food

Weddings sound incomplete without some mouth-watering and delicious food. But spending wisely on your food is another important step that can save you a whole lot of money. Choose your menu very carefully, do not add up items that will only improve the look of your menu, try to keep the menu simple and tasty. Instead of adding a variety of dishes, you can work on the quality and the taste of the food. Add food items that can be enjoyed by everyone, this will not only save you money but will also please the guests.

· Venue

Venue is one of the most expensive things you have to book for your wedding. You can save a good amount of money by choosing your venue sensibly. In order to select an appropriate venue, it is important to go through your guest list and then choose a place accordingly. If the wedding is a small family gathering with limited people  then you can conduct it indoors, in your house or any other available place. Booking massive wedding halls with empty chairs is not worthwhile. You can also save some bugs if you book the venue for weekdays or during off season.

Following these tips and rationing correctly can help you plan your wedding dream and that within a fixed budget!

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