Top 5 Best Makeup Artists in Karachi

Top 5 Best Makeup Artists in Karachi

With the wedding shenanigans all around, every bride is now busy in finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect venue and of course, an ideal salon for their makeup to be done and to look like a royal queen. More often, the bride and her family are usually spotted with the pre-wedding agitation which is totally a standard norm of getting married, but they’re still enough to wake the anxiety of anyone. All the brides to be. Let your family face the complications of locations and other big things. We here can sort out our main issue that is the salon to get ready from.

So, we came across a list of a few fantastic reputable makeup artists in Karachi. What more would you want when you’re saving thousands of rupees?! Oh, and you can totally save the remaining amount for… maybe your attire?

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Sarah Salon And Spa –

Sarah is a renowned makeup artist of Karachi, located in Clifton. She have showed a tremendous performance in this field. Different celebrities and artists admire her and love her work. Sarah is a skillful, celebrity hair and makeup maestro who is running her make-up kingdom like a pro.

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Qirat Baber (Makeup by QB) –

Qirat Baber, a very hardworking individual. Her makeup skills are flawless. Though the salon has only been around for a few years, she have definitely created a huge name for herself.  If you’d like to get your wedding or party makeup done by her, you can contact her on Facebook. She is one of those people who’s style philosophy has her amalgamated with the top brands and names and is probably the coolest person you’ll ever get to meet!

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Kiran Khan –

Kiran Khan, she is known for the simplicity in her makeup looks. Simple soft eye shadow, thin eyeliner and clean flawless skin is some of the key notes to her makeup. A young makeup artist with a prowess to ace it in the fashion industry. She’s really hard working and unreal in her work. We love it because she’s swanky and in it to win. Her make up will never be over the top and that’s the beauty of her work, simple perfection!

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Sabs The Salon (Qadir)–

Sabs is known as the bridal factory in Karachi with bridals popping out their door left, right and center! With a long history in the beauty industry, Sabs is one of the most popular salons in Karachi. Brides go to Sabs and usually ask for the Qadir, he is the known to be the best makeup artist ever. Qadir is seriously on demand if you take a look at the reviews and queries for Sabs The Salon. He’s a beauty guru with a name on the tip of everybody’s tongues.

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Sana and Sara’s Salon and Studio –

With an unblemished reputation in the industry for beautiful bridals, Sana and Sara’s brides stand out gorgeously.  They are known for satisfaction. Read reviews from her past clients and you’ll see a strong level of satisfaction from her brides. They are good with all kinds of makeup, be it a bridal makeup or just a natural everyday look for celebrities. Their creativity and skill is a work of glamour and simplicity. They love to play with different looks and incorporate techniques that redefine beauty.

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These were the best we could find to help you with your MUA. As much as there is pressure nowadays for the bride to be ready with foremost perfection, take a breath, take a break and have a look through this list of makeup artist so you can stay tension free for at least once, forget your to-do list for some time. All these makeup artists are the best and they not only have a soft touch to your skin but they also have a light touch to your wallet. So give these a try and you won’t be disappointed. Sit in some leisure time and go through all the reviews and comments. Get yourself satisfied and pick one of these makeup artists for you. Relax and just go for it!


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