Top 5 Designer Dresses for Summer Wedding 2018

Top 5 Designer Dresses for Summer Wedding 2018

Summer wedding storm is about to hit Pakistan anytime now, which trigger the burning desire of every bride-to-be to get a ‘tag’ of ‘sabse acha shadi ka Jjora’ on her wedding. So tough competition with so many options but with very little chance to stand out… ehhh!!

To stand out in your wedding dress you need to get ahead of the curve by having information about latest trend top designer and best designs for your summer wedding… But how to do it?

Relax! Take a chill pill. ShadiTayari is here to the rescue;

Just check out these top 5 designer bridal dresses for your 2018 summer wedding.

Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani dresses always created a highlight when it’s come to bridal dresses. These dresses are the essence of pure grace. That should be considered to outrank other’s ‘shadi ka Jora’.

Check out the complete collection here:

Picture of Brd-128


Maria B

Maria B holds a verge in her bridal wear with her cutting-edge collection. Don’t believe us have a look at her latest design for 2018 bridal dresses.

Check out complete collection here:

Sana Safinaz

One of the most famous names for the having the paragon bridal dresses collection under their label. These latest bridal dresses are again fascinating.


Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari must be in the list for its crafted masterpiece bridal collection. Multi-layered lehenga design with extensive work of zardozi and zari is the charming factor in his latest collection.

Check out the collection here:

Picture of Marygold


Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn design is the classic of colour play. His design always carries a combination and contrast of diverse colours themes.

Check out the collection here:

Picture of Arsh ashiyani v1





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