Top 5 Wedding Catering Services in Sahiwal

Top 5 Wedding Catering Services in Sahiwal

People in Punjab are crazy for food. The most favorite thing for them is eating desi cuisines. Food is the first priority of every single event whether it is any traditional celebration, bridal shower or a wedding. When it comes to Punjabi shadi, the marriage is full of colourful and happy vibes. The jollity music, bright ambience, beautiful attires and of course, the excellent food.A delightful menu, appetizing food and top-notch catering services can lead to a spectacular wedding. Weddings in Pakistan are actually remembered by the food that was served, thereby an unprofessional caterer and tasteless food would leave an awful impression.

What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Caterer

Following are the useful points that should be considered when hiring a caterer for a Wedding in Pakistan.

  • Search the market and look for vendors that provide reliable catering service.
  • List them doing according to the preferences. You may take help from your friends and relatives who have worked with caterers.
  • Find their packages and cost and make comparisons.
  • The information that you should collect about your selected caterer must include:- Number of packages
    – Variety of dishes offered in one package
    – Cost of package per head
    – Complementary items
    – Food quality
  • After all the information is collected and comparisons have made, find out which caterer suits you best.
  • Be sure to schedule a testing, it’s both necessary and fun!
  • Inquire about what kind of linens, seating, tent, lighting your caterer will provide.
  • Once satisfied, put up a meeting and decide on a final package.
  • Hire the caterer and let them now take all the responsibilities under a little of your or your wedding planner supervision to make sure that everything is according to the requirement.

This will prevents last minute hassles and your wedding planning would surely go smooth.

Top 5 Caterers of Sahiwal

Good food is main part of the wedding and the most significant way to attract the guests, especially in Punjab, on the other hand it can be difficult to find and caterer that can really please your taste buds. If you are based in Sahiwal and you are having any kind of trouble finding a good caterer for your wedding, don’t worry. We got your back. We are listing five best caterers for you who can save you from rishtedaron ke tanay and can lead you to the best wedding in town.


Shoukat Caterers –

Shoukat caterers catering services are the most budget friendly event caterers based in Sahiwal. They are well-known for desi food. The best thing which we love about them was that they never compromise on quality. They believe in facilitating customers with the least burden on their pockets and still getting the delicious food for satisfaction.

Contact them through Facebook Page.

Address – Main Madhali Road Near Jewan, Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan


SS Gillani Caterers –

These are one of the finest caterers of Sahiwal. They are pretty famous all over the town. One quite notable thing is that they know your cravings and what’s in your mind and they can put it in reality. They can provide you with all the facilities under one roof. Name it, and they will have it. They can fulfil even the most bizarre ones!

Contact them through Facebook Page.

Address – Noor Shah Road. Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan


Paradise Caterers –

With food you cannot compromise at all. You need good quantity and quality both. It has to be tasty, hygienic, healthy and in sufficient quantity to make it a hit amongst the guests. A lack in any one of the departments, especially food, and the whole festive gets destroyed. If you are looking for any of these things to be highlighted in your event on a low budget, Paradise caterer’s catering is the only best option for you.

Contact them through Facebook Page.

Address – Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.


Crystal Marquee ­–

Crystal Marquee catering is a renowned name of Sahiwal. They are famous for providing over the top experiences. You can never go wrong with choosing them as you wedding caterer. They will fulfill all the needs and requirements that you might have planned.

Contact them through Facebook Page.

Address – G.T. Road, Total Shiraz Filling Station, Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan


R.A.K Marquee –

R.A.K Marquee is one of the best when it comes to taste and services. Their name might be not be enough but they provide a variety of food for all the taste buds. They can assist you with whichever dish you want on your wedding day and we are sure that you won’t be complaining about it. Maybe slightly heavy on the pocket but still worth it.

Contact them through Facebook Page.

Address – Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.


To help assemble things along, we have compiled a list of the best catering companies in Sahiwal that will help double the happiness at your wedding. Weddings in Pakistan is all about food and décor, you must make a right decision before hiring a caterer. The steps might help you in finding a caterer that best suits your needs. We picked out all the above caterers very carefully for you, keeping in mind the budget, quantity and quality. It is necessary that you spend some time going through these options to come up with the best decision to find the best wedding caterer in Pakistan.  With their dedication, hard work, quality, and top catering services in Pakistan they have made quite a name for themselves in the market. So have a look and make a choice you are most comfortable with.

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