Top six theme ideas to liven up your shadi

Top six theme ideas to liven up your shadi

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the idea of shadi themes. After all, every shadi has a central theme, some distinct idea or unique feel that unites the various elements of the shadi celebrations. But when it comes time to discuss plans for the shadi’s themes, some couples may not have a good idea of what they want for their shadi. You shouldn’t worry, though, because we are here to help you and share some ideas that will get you on the right track. So, with that in mind, here are our top six theme ideas to liven up your shadi.

Nature theme

While the name might make it sound like this would only work in an outdoorsy location, that is not necessarily true. A nature theme can work just as well indoors, especially if you’d prefer to stay inside to avoid the heat in summer. You can completely transform a wedding venue, such as an indoor hall, into an enchanting forest. You can instantly create the natural feel you want by adding an artificial pond, placing some real white doves or other birds, placing a dense canopy overhead, and adding dim lighting to complete the feel. Just be careful not to overdo it and keep the feeling of refinement. After all, going overboard might make it a little too tacky for a shadi celebration.

Grand theme

Let’s be honest; many of you have been anticipating the idea of having a grand shadi for ages. So why not get hitched with style and enjoy your gorgeous shadi feeling by adding a sense of classic grandeur to the celebrations? While it may not be easy to find the perfect magnificent palace to serve as your shadi location, there are plenty of ways to find a reasonably practical substitute. Some of the options include holding the shadi in a historical building, an old family haveli, an appropriately themed hotel resort or even an adequately prepared wedding hall. Dramatise the feeling of the shadi a bit by making a grand entrance for the bride and groom, preceded by bombastic announcements. Make sure to include a stately feel to the shadi meal, and include foods and beverages appropriate for a shadi with a grand theme.

Pop-vintage theme

Another great option is to go vintage but with a pop vibe. Nothing says the couple enjoys good fun than holding a shadi celebration with a throwback theme. And a pop-vintage theme is just that! Beautiful retro pop art mixed with a fun-fair style will help make the shadi feel energetic and lively. The décor can be vibrant and boisterous, drawing inspiration from truck art. You can even set up an elaborately decorated rickshaw to act as a photo booth, which will be great for capturing fun memories! For the shadi food, you can set up food carts that offer options, such as gol gappay and gola ganda, and maybe even add a pan stand. And if you have the space, set up a mini-theatre with some interesting backdrops and have some comedic performances play to create a distinctive atmosphere to make your special day truly memorable for all involved.

Fairytale theme

If you are looking for a dream-like vibe at your shadi, you can always try a fairytale theme. For a fairytale shadi, a stately mansion with a waterfront or a hilltop outdoor shadi venue would work best. For the decor of a fairytale shadi, you can look for inspiration from classic fairytales and add a personalised touch to them to make your version of a storybook shadi. Bright colours and chandeliers for an indoor setting and fairy lights on vine-covered canopies for an outdoor environment will add the feel of being in a fairy tale. Placing some chocolate fountains and cheese fondue stations for snacks will make a great addition to the fairytale-style menu. And last but not least, match your shadi outfits to the theme and allow your glowing inner bride to shine.

Rustic theme

A rustic theme for a shadi is where you go for a more organic feel. So anything that is from an organic source, a rough around edges look, or an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, and textures would work great as part of a rustic shadi style. Consider holding your shadi in a location with plenty of trees, branches, and leaves you can incorporate into the decor. Alternatively, farms and villages work just as well for rustic shadi themes. And the best part is that you can source flower arrangements locally and incorporate organic vegetables and meat into the shadi’s meal.

Modern theme

And lastly, if none of the above seems to match your style, why not just go for a modern theme at your shadi? Go for the trendiest feel and fill your shadi venue with comfortable modern furniture pieces such as square chairs, sofas and tables to help your guests relax in comfortable settings. Make sure to have them strategically positioned around the venue so they can watch the proceedings while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Any location can be changed from the standard setting to a trendy and stylish venue with minimal effort by adding mirrors, modern contrasting colours, textures, and design elements. Look to add some linens to the overhang and candelabras for lighting. You can add feathered arrangements and silver-painted branches instead of flowers for your décor to give your shadi a distinctive feel. It will help make your shadi memorable and unique without going overboard.


Picking a suitable theme for your shadi can be an enjoyable and creative process. The options are boundless, and there is something for everyone; the important thing is to find a theme that represents both you and your partner and to ensure that you and your guests have a great time. With our suggestions of these top six theme ideas to liven up your shadi, you will be sure to create a memorable and distinctive shadi celebration that will work for you.


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