Trendy Engagement Rings Designs for Couples

Trendy Engagement Rings Designs for Couples

In early era, engagement was not considered as a significant part of desi weddings. Parents would just do the “Baat Pakki” and the date for nikkah was decided. However, young couples now look forward to first make their relationships official by engagement ceremony. Engagement has become more of a fantasy in modern couples nowadays. It is more celebrated like a wedding. Bridal dresses and event arrangements are done extravagantly. The promise of living together, marrying each other and caring for a lifetime is what engagement is all about. The most important part about every marriage is the rings. The ring always makes the couple remember the beautiful, golden time when they decided to be with each other.

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Finding a perfect engagement ring is a confusing task to do. There are so many designs and sculpturing of rings that it is difficult to choose the best option. Hence, from the billions of options out there we have picked some of he most trendy and utmost choices for you. The selection is narrowed down to eight ring designs that anyone and everyone would love. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of hot tea and scroll down to see the amazing picks that we have for you.

The Classic Solitaire  

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Of course, solitaire’s the only game in town. The perfect ring is the one which is delicate, minimal and beguiling at the same time. Use of a small single stone of your choice, be it a diamond, ruby or a sapphire, on a silver or gold ring make a beautiful and delicate engagement ring that nobody can deny to.

Twisted Designer Pieces

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This is one of the top trends in today’s world. Simple yet elegant style. These rings are usually plain with a slight twist to the ring band. It’s your choice if you want some detailing on it or just leave it simple as it is. These type of rings with glow up your fingers on the engagement day. Engagements with sophisticated and sober norms are always admired.

Engraved Couple Rings 

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Who can go wrong with these? Small hint engraved on the engagement rings are the cutest thing on this planet, Earth. This is a lovely idea for couples to begin their new life with a reminder of how it started wrapped around their ring fingers. You can engrave names, dates, any quotes, a word or anything that you want to. It will just make your day so special every time you’ll look at it.

Open Ends Delicacy

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Amazing and genius design for the engagement rings. These are not a full circular rings. Instead, these are open at one end. You can always adjust the size of the ring so it won’t ever stuck in your finger. It is perfect for all sizes. Easy and comfortable, just like you feel with your partner.

Tungsten Works Well

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Tungsten gold is a metal that is very often used in making jewellery nowadays, especially the rings for male and female, both. The metal is really hard and solid which represents the strong bond in any couple. It is admired by a lot of young couples these days. A simple yet elegant and ravishing design can make your day memorable.

Golden Gleam

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If it’s golden engagement rings for couples you’re after a timeless and ever-popular choice and you’re angling towards something simpler, then this pair of sumptuous rings is a good choice, especially given the outstanding design that catches everybody’s eye but never at the expense of style or aesthetic.

Aligned Seamlessly

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Seldom, getting a pair of rings that are symbolic of your relationship may be the right option, and if you’re more alike than different, this gorgeous pair of diamond-encrusted platinum rings might be just the right piece for you. For one, they’re sensational, and two, they’re almost identical, but just like the two of you, retain subtle but significant differences.

Identical Layers of Love

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Layers Of Love

If you both have decided to get exactly same rings, but you want them to suit both of your personalities and be neutral to gender, this type of rings are perfect choice for you. Proof of purity and incredible design often go hand in hand, this set of exquisite engagement rings for couples explains that you’re the yin to your lover’s yang. You guys fit together comfortably so this is definitely your pick.

All of the designs mentioned above are very simple but absolutely gorgeous. There are a lot more designs out there. If you want something extra, you can go for diamond cluster rings, three stone rings, gold crown rings and there are never ending options for you. You can get a customized design too. But remember to get the best promise rings and live a happy life ahead of you.

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