Ultimate Guide to Prepare You for a Desi Wedding

Ultimate Guide to Prepare You for a Desi Wedding

Desi wedding, nothing can be more colourful, flamboyant and fun than this. These weddings are known for their elaborate and extravagant celebrations and are traditionally cultured multi-day events. This is mainly because desi weddings involve many and many rituals and ceremonies that are diffused across a number of days, such as the ubtan on the face and hands of the bride-to-be, known as the mehndi, this was only an example to name just one!

As all weddings do, our marriages have some traditions other than just a perfect bridal look, one of which is the giving of garlands to the guests instead of corsages, as well as loads of flower petals (mainly the roses) being tossed for good luck and to honour the happy couple.

You must have a ton of beautiful lehengas and sarees for the never-ending events. You might need to shop a lot as we have themed weddings now and they are a huge trend. You HAVE TO follow the theme, or you won’t be considered as a part of a wedding (your family or friends might disown you too).

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So you all probably know what to wear and how to doll up for the wedding day. Now let’s talk about, what you can expect at these weddings. Let’s dive a bit deeper now…

Infinite Ceremonies 

We are pretty well aware of the events and how much time a single wedding takes to end if you are a part of a desi family.
Basically, here will divide these celebrations into three stages;

  • Pre-wedding events
  • The Wedding day
  • Post-wedding ceremonies
– Pre-Wedding Events

Let me just list down the main events that take place before the wedding day;

  • Bachelorette party

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  • Engagement

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  • Bridal shower

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  • Dholki

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  • Mayon

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  • Mehndi

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– The Wedding Day

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Yes, the most awaited time of everyone’s life, the wedding day. Finally. It is a long-drawn day. Appointments for the salon, the trial of the dress, again and again, running back and forth the whole day, anxiety attacks and what not, but at the end, this is the most beautiful event of your life.

– Post-Wedding Ceremonies

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So these mainly include of some important rasams and fun rituals that are needed to be done precisely after the wedding. Then we have a bunch of dawats from families and friends.


People at Desi Weddings

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Now, coming down to what kind of people you would see at a desi wedding — literally flooding on the wedding day. And trust me, you won’t ever know everybody who is attending the wedding, because at our marriages you have to invite EVERYBODY. Friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins of cousins’, your neighbours and everybody is invited cordially along with their whole families. Writing invitations is one of the hardest parts to do because it never ends; people keep popping up. And to avoid the taunts and sarcasm, you will give an invite to the entire world. There are at least 200 or (definitely) more people in each event, even people that you may not have spoken to in 5 years! The oh-so-handsome guy, an annoying kid to taunting aunties, you will find them all.

New Look Each Day

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There are so many events, and you have to attend them, no matter what. You obviously don’t want to repeat your attire. Every day is a new make-up look, new hairstyle and a different dress each day. It might be fun for some of the people but not for every one of you. Just dress up and slay all day long is what weddings are all about.

Other than all these things, there is a lot of things that you need to prepare for. This might include the ubtan fight, random dance call, extra expenditures, getting uncountable rishtas and a lot of more crazy stuff.

These were some of the exciting occasions and events that take part in the desi weddings. They are full-on mast gig and drama. We all love wedding seasons and really want to enjoy every bit of them with the trending Punjabi songs, delicious food, never-ending shopping, jollity gatherings with friends and family and a lot more.

There is more to our beautiful traditional weddings, but we guess this was enough for a day. Enjoy the weddings and keep celebrating!

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