Invitation Designs For Your Dream Wedding

Invitation Designs For Your Dream Wedding

Invitation cards are as significant as the occasion itself. The opening act of your wedding, the invitation card gives a preclusion to what the festivities that follow in the coming wedding season are going to be like. While we love the traditional, vintage wedding invitation design—paper leaflets, cursive wordings and beautifully printed gold borders—a perfectly-suited invite conveys much more than just the who, what, when and where of your forthcoming nuptials. Be it the engagement, wedding, bridal shower, or even a birthday party — invites hold a unique and prior place. While you are busy preparing for your big day, you cannot forget the wedding cards. They are the primary and foremost start to the wedding planning.

Nowadays, couples are in the competition to be at their best at weddings. From wedding invites to attires to room interior, everything has to be perfect. In fact, envelope invites aren’t your only choice. Look to invitation boxes, cloth invites or even an entire suite filled with ancillary items including sweets, wedding plan, decor, name tags and much more. It is a chance to express your and your wedding style, and give your guests a hint that your celebration will be super fun and personalised. We are here to take some burden off your shoulders and poke our nose into some responsibilities of your wedding to make it a bit easier for you. You don’t need to worry about searching card designs all over the internet. Here, we have some best picks of unique invite ideas, only for you. We would be listing best invitation card designs. It could help you with any kind of requirements you need for your invitations. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Social Media Inspired Invites – 

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These cards are so adorable. I have seen a lot of people going with this trend about social media wedding cards. My most favourite is the Instagram inspired invites because they are so colourful and you get a lot of customizing options.


Royal Letters Wedding Invite  – 

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Are you going for a royal theme then this is your thing. Go for this majestic wedding card idea of a royal letter and give a luxurious opening to your wedding preparations.

Mandala Patterns – 

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Mandalas are so beautiful. Especially, if you love to draw or doodle and you are an artist (even if not) you would love this inviation look. You can never so wrong with a mandala design. These designs give an antique, elegant and sophisticated look to your cards.


Laser Cut Paper – 

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Laser cut cards are the most popular among desi weddings. These designs have a ton of different patterns, colours and styles that you get a tremendous amount of options to select from.

Wax Stamp Envelop – 

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As far as I know, our renowned actress, Ayesha Khan, got a black, beautifully embossed wedding card envelop which had a red wax seal to it. It gives a classic look to the over all card.

Graphic Art Invites – 

Image result for Pakistani wedding invitation

Do you love fun and animated graphics? Me too! This design is definitely for us. You can have a customized, animated and a colouful  wedding card which would definitely attract guests to your event.

Wooden Card Invitation – 

Image result for wooden wedding invite

I know that this is a not-so-new wedding invite idea but this won’t go old. A sleek and thin wooden card with your details engraved or printed over it. It looks so beautiful and subtle.

A Box of Sweets – 

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We all love free treats, right? This is the best type of wedding invitation idea for you. You can get a customized box or sweets or chocolates or even dry fruits with a tag ribbon of your names and details on it. It could be considered as a return gift too.

Play Around with Colours – 

Related imageColours can make anything look good (bad too, sometimes). So just pick some vivid colours for your wedding cards according to the theme and you are good to go.

I hope this would turn out to be helpful for all the couples who are looking for a perfect wedding invitation design. There are a lot more on social media but these are the top picks of the day. Also, you can get these made easily, without much hassle. So just do your research and get started with your wedding planning.

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