Your wedding photos will stay with you for as long as your significant other does. So you cannot take them lightly. They are a reminder of that special day, and they are your family’s archives which are to be passed down generation after generations.They need to be special, just like your wedding day. The cliche wedding photographs won’t cut it. So Shadi Tayari has compiled a number of ideas that you can apply in your wedding photography.

The Jewellery Shot

Your jewellery is at times the focal point of your outfit. Do not undermine it by not putting in the spotlight.

"Today is a day when I look out over my life & I see you there & I know there is more reason to this world than we will ever understand."

The Hand Shot

Rock your pretty mehndi, bangles, nail polish and rings and show it to the world with this photograph!

"YOU make ME beautiful"

The Feet Shot

Your beloved juti often gets neglected. Save it from the terror. Also, do you remember that expensive pedicure you got? What a better chance than to preserve it forever and ever.

Steps to new World

The Entering-The-Wedding Shot

The beautiful halo of light in front of you and your sisters and friends waiting for you to enter the venue, it’s such and overwhelming moment. Capture it, and preserve it.

The Leaving-The-House Shot

It’s such a poignant moment. All the Babul-ki-duaein leti ja feelings. Tear jerking.

"One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked with anyone else; I guess this day was the one, they used to talk about"

The Candid Shot

Honestly, they are the best photos. The stiff poses will never warm your heart. These, however, will make you remember all the little happy moments during the stress wedding fuctions.

Stunning Pakistani Wedding!

The Texture Shot

You put in so much effort and time into selecting the perfect patterns and designs for your dress and jewellery. This stunning shot will make all the effort worth it.

Pakistani bride and her jewellery

The Ring Shot

He put a ring on it just like Beyonce said. Now I say, get a shot of it. Don’t waste the opportunity!


The Mehndi Shot

Mehndi signifies so much in our culture. Capture the intricate designs to preserve the meaning of mehndi in your album♥

L's bridal mehndi

The Bangle Shot

You know what they say: Boley Churiyaan, Boley Kangnaa!

Wedding Photography By Idrees Naghina Wala

The Glam-Up Shot

Now, now pretty face. If you’re spending so much of cash on getting your make-up done, don’t you dare waste the opportunity to get a Milan-Fashion-Week-style-backstage-makeup-shot.

Pakistani Bridal Wear - Asifa & nabeel #PakistaniFashion #BridalCouture #DesiBride #PakistaniWedding #Photography #Couple #Love #BridalDress #PakistaniBridal

The Wedding-Decorations Shot

The decorations require so much hard work to get them ‘just right’. They are also an important part of your wedding. So do not steal all the love for yourself, shower them with the love they deserve.

Lahore/Pakistan Wedding Photography by Mohsin Khawar

The Dance Shot

SO MUCH FUN. This will probably the photo will bring the widest smile on your face a decade or two from your wedding day. It will remind you of all the giggles and cheesy songs which played in the background while you had the time of your life.

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